Move when You move

By Koa Sinag
This entry is part 9 of 13 in the series Let's Pray

Help me find Your purpose for me.

Prayer: Father, you have been and always will be loyal and faithful to the words that uttered so long ago. As you created the cosmos, you created things far away and deep into time. You created me and my purpose, you knitted time and paths to join and tear apart, to create today, you called me by name to be your very own-to be your very own child.

Although I DO NOT DESERVE your glorious mercy and forgiveness, you keep on giving, regardless of what I do or say. You transform me and transplant new life and hope into this broken heart of mine-continuously, You love with all and everything you are. What and who will I be without you?

I ask for your guidance and wisdom, give me an eye for your soft persuasions and teach me to follow when you move even when it does not suite me. Use me, all of me to make an impact in my sphere of influence, train my mouth to reach deep into souls around me, help me understand Your ways and install in me a Brave heart which will pulsate life bringing light into those around me. Make me a beacon, a lighthouse giving hope to the LOST.

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