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Rise o sleepy one.

Lord JESUS, I pray for the heart of the one which are reading this message right now. There deep in the midst of their despair, I ask you reach in and touch – not just spiritually but in an actual TOUCH by your hand – touch their lives; that those who are looking in will only see your HAND on this individuals life.

I call LIFE over this person – I call HOPE over this soul – I call HEALING of broken dreams – I call a DEEP AWAKENING of your KNOWLEDGE and your POWER to activate in this reader. I cut down the altars – pillars – strongholds – mind sets – HALF LIES – deceit – despair – hopelessness right now in the name of JESUS! Raise the banner of your kingdom over this individual.

I pray that you bring a complete 360, a new life – new horizons and a STRONG DEEP TRUSTING FAITH which will enable your son or daughter to do great things for your kingdom. Enable your Provisions over this life – so that they can only FOCUS on your kingdom.
In the name of JESUS!

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