God’s way of helping

By Koa Sinag
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Psalms 107:13-14 AMP

Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, And He saved them from their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the deep (deathly) darkness And broke their bonds apart. [Ps 68:6; Acts 12:7; 16:26]

  “Have you been set free?”

Q: Where is God in my troubles?

A: We serve a great, amazing God who is bound by His Spirit to be true to His own character and word. What a faithful Father we have who hears us when we call. Although sometimes He does not respond in the instance, He does deliver His answer to our prayers.

If we are brought to face difficult times, we can also know that God has already seen the end result; He knows the answer(s) to our problems. By putting Christ first, you have solved a great part of your dilemma. Now it is for you to recognize that, most likely, you are not going to get the answer(s) you have envisioned.

We can’t force God’s hand, and the only solution for us is to concede our understanding of His. How God operates and how He brings relief for our hurt is always not so clear, but we can take heart from our past trials and recall how God made a plan and saved us. We can attest that God was always with us; He stuck by our side through our trials.

Be sure that when you call on the name of the Lord, he will unquestionably hear and respond to your call for help. Our God is famous for being fashionably late; I can’t tell you why, but I have learned to trust in how our God loves to show up and “BAMM.” The problem is fixed in such a way that no one will be able to deny God’s hand in breaking our bonds, which held us captive.

Each one of our stories is different, and so will our trails also be. How God saves us must be different as well. God’s perspective is way different from ours, and the sooner we acknowledge this truth, the better for us.

Ask yourself this today:

What can I change in my heart that will make me accept God’s way of helping?

Let’s Pray:

Father, I do not always understand your ways, but I surrender, so my life will glorify you! Let my life’s story tell the world of your glorious might and power.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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