Is your unbelief a sin?

By Koa Sinag
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Jesus said in John 16:9 (NLT)
“The world’s sin is that it refuses to believe in me.

The word “sin” has a rich etymology that traces back through various languages and historical contexts. Let’s explore its origins:

  1. Old English (Middle English):
    • The Middle English word for sin is “sinne,” derived from the Old English term “synn.”.
    • “Synn” encompassed meanings such as “violation of divine law,” “offense against God,” “moral wrongdoing,” “injury,” “misdeed,” and “guilt.”.
    • It also carried the notion that “it is true,” implying that the sin is real.
    • The Proto-Germanic root sundiō contributed to this word, which ultimately came from the collective form of es-ont-, meaning “becoming” or “to be”.
    • The semantic development led to the idea of “being truly the one who is guilty.”.
    • In Hittite confessional formulas, the phrase “it is being” was used similarly.
    • The Latin word “sons” (genitive “sontis”) for “guilty” also shares a similar origin, stemming from the present participle of “sum, esse” (to be).
    • The theological definition of sin remains contested1.
  2. Hebrew:
  3. Latin:

In summary, the word “sin” carries deep historical and linguistic layers, reflecting humanity’s complex understanding of moral transgressions and guilt across cultures and time periods.

But what do we do with Jesus’s own words “The world’s sin is that it refuses to believe in Me.? I would dare to say that is wrong, a misdeed, or guilty to harm oneself by not doing the right thing – whatever that might be, you are wrong to do such a misdeed to yourself and are guilty (sinning) even though you think you have the “right” to do so or not do so.

So, breaking these words into a more modern context is this > If you refuse to believe in Jesus as the Son of God and that He only wants to set you FREE from the bondage of SIN-THE MISBELIEF that Spiritual SEFLHARM exists, you are self-harming, you are guilty! It is not normal to want to injure yourself or others. Society frowns upon it, and in extreme cases, people get locked up to prevent future injury. So, why do we not seek help when it comes to our soul and spirit?

A more sophisticated term for self-harm is “self-injury” or “deliberate self-harm”. These expressions convey the intentional act of causing harm to oneself without suicidal intent12. Additionally, you might encounter related terms like “self-mutilation”, “self-destructive behavior”, or “self-inflicted violence”3. Remember that seeking professional help and support is crucial for anyone experiencing self-harming behaviours.

All in all, Christ is standing at your Heart/Soul/Minds door and asking you to accept Him as Lord and Saviour, to believe that He is the Son of GOD. That His intention for dying on the cross was only to save you from yourself—from YOUR SELFHARM. Jesus, the Son of God, wants to show you a better way of living, lift your burdens, and just LOVE YOU for who you are.

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