A Prayer for a Generous Heart

By Koa Sinag

A Prayer for a Generous Heart

What’s your most prized possession? There’s nothing wrong with having things, or with enjoying them. The problem comes when our things have us.

Thankfully, God modeled a different way to live when He sacrificed His greatest treasure for us. His generosity is sacrificial and counter-cultural.

When we give like God does, and we honor Him with that giving, it draws us closer to Him. It causes us to stop looking at ourselves, and start looking out for others. The more we draw near to God, the more our priorities and values start to reflect His.

So, how do you live generously? It starts with asking God to give you a generous mindset. If you’re not sure how to do that, try praying this prayer.


Thank You for showing me what generosity looks like. I confess that at times it’s easy for me to focus on things that don’t matter. But today, I surrender to Your will, trusting in You completely. Change the way I think, and give me a generous heart. Make me aware of the resources I have, and how I can use them to serve others. Help me to live a life that blesses others just as You have richly blessed me.

In Jesus’ name,


When you surrender to God by living generously, it changes lives.

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