Imagine if you didn’t have access to God’s Word…

By Koa Sinag

Imagine if you didn’t have access to God’s Word…

Almost a billion people can speak to their families, friends, and neighbors, but they’ve never experienced God speaking to them through His Word in their heart language.

Let’s change that.

When you give to Bible Translation, your gift helps our global Bible partners who are translating Scripture into every language.

Together, we can get the Bible to everyone.

God’s Word is changing families, communities, and countries one translation at a time, and you can be part of it.

Will you join us?

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All contributions received through the Bible for Everyone campaign will be used exclusively for the purpose of Bible translation, and spread across different, high-impact translation projects. As each project is completed, any remaining funds are then applied toward the next translation project, as selected by YouVersion and its Partners.

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