The prodigal son

By Koa Sinag

How far have you strayed from Home?

I myself have the gunning ability to “loose the plot” and stray from my purpose – most of the time – all the time. It seems that this “waywardness” is just hot-wired into us; this desire to destroy our own lives is like the yin and yang – The constant battle of GOOD over bad. There is no hope for us?

I would think that it takes so much courage to live a GOOD life –whatever that may mean to the individual. We not talking about having a good life filled with money – sex – pleasure – no struggle and luxury.  I mean BEING good! Making a change in others lives. Not being greedy – Not being selfish – Not getting angry – the list goes on and on; that must be an impossible thing to strive for…

So, now that we are here and you’re reading this – you know that God led you here – the last couple of weeks you’ve been having this strange feeling in your heart, your soul been longing for more than what you have been feeding it. The half-lies is NOT good enough anymore – your spirit is seeking for the TRUTH. It is calling out to be truly loved.  The TRUTH IS > It is time to come home! No more, being a vagabond and feeling not loved – you are LOVED.

There is absolutely no reason at all for your wandering IN THE WILD. You are the prodigal son and its time… It’s time to surrender and lay down your life for the kingdom of God.


Just pray now > Lord Jesus, please help! Save me from myself – I surrender my will for the will of your Kingdom. Please BE LORD IN MY LIFE once more. I want to come home – be the KING of my heart AGAIN!

If you never been a child of God – simply just pray > Jesus I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Come into my life – move in my life. Please save me now. I need you! I surrender…

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