Pray a Prayer of Release

By Patrick Michael Murphy


Pray a Prayer of Release

Author Stormie Omartian grew up with a mother who told her she was worthless. She locked Stormie in a closet because she couldn’t ‘stand to see her daughter’s face’!

Stormie writes: ‘I was raised by a mentally ill mother and her behaviour left me with guilt, hopelessness, helplessness and deep emotional pain. By the time I was a young woman I was still locked in – only the boundaries were emotional not physical – a deep, ever-present pain.

Years later I learned that unforgiveness as deeply rooted as mine must be unravelled one layer at a time. One day I felt led to pray,

“Lord, give me a heart like Yours for my mother.”

Immediately I had a vision of her as a beautiful, fun-loving, gifted woman with no resemblance to the person I knew.  I was seeing her the way God made her to be, not the way she’d become. In an instant I put together the pieces of her past – her mother’s tragic death, suicide of her beloved uncle and foster father, her feelings of abandonment, guilt, bitterness and unforgiveness.  Touching the heart of God brought such forgiveness that when she died I had no bad feelings. In fact, the more I forgave her the more God brought to mind good memories.’

To enjoy everything God has for you, pray a prayer of release and let go of the past.

Only then can you move on.

Soul food: Acts 3:11 – 5:42; Matt 8:10-17; Ps 109:16-31; Pr 15:23-26

Author Unknown – Would love to give you credit!

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