Let’s celebrate 15 years of the Bible App!

By Koa Sinag

Let’s celebrate 15 years of the Bible App!

How has God used the Bible App to impact your life? Maybe it’s a Verse of the Day that spoke to you in a difficult season, or a prayer that you read at just the right time.

Join us in celebrating what God has done through the Bible App over the past 15 years by watching this special video from our founder and CEO, Bobby Gruenewald.

God’s Word is alive—and it’s changing millions of lives just like yours.

Since its launch in 2008, the Bible App has grown from 83,000 downloads to over half a billion worldwide, and it is the longest-running Bible in the App Store.

What started out as an idea in an airport became a global movement that is getting Scripture to people around the world like never before.

Today, people from all nations and languages are using the Bible App to draw closer to God every day. And you’re one of them!

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