By Tom
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Are you made of stone?

So, you say we are part of this world and need to blend in… That approach will get you very far away from GOD. Dressing yourself as “I am one with the world” will only confuse you, and if you want people in your sphere of influence to believe your “act”—I am a Christian—you need to be real with yourself.

Guys, we as the church have lost our purpose and shifted our focus from Christ to Chrissie the unicorn. we are dressing with the armor of the world. We have spiraled down into nothingness. This statement may offend some of you, but unfortunately, it is the truth.

If we as the church are so on track with GOD’S purposes, why are there hungry people? Where are the revivals? Why are there so many sick? We have played right into satan’s hand; we have become complacent, AND GUESS what? The world is just fine with your delusions.

Brothers and sisters, we as the church need to stay strong and live opposite of the world. We need to act and talk in a “different voice”, the voice of Christ. It is not our choice if we want to minister and save souls; it is our duty! We need to wake up and smell the sulfur of hell. Turn our lives around, dump the mindset of the world, and clothe ourselves with the spirit of GOD Almighty.

When we do this, Christ will come. The world will see Christ in us!

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