Angst or Anticipation

Expand or Wither away.

written by Tom Murphy.

Planting and moving or expanding one’s boundaries are simply a part of life that can’t be completely avoided. Every expansion is like reaching a new level – a LEVEL UP, even though it may seem overwhelming at first, it is necessary. Just like lobsters need to outgrow their skin and shed the OLD, to move forward, we need to do the same to reach different – HIDDEN abilities in our character.

These phases are designed to enhance our well-being and make us stronger. By avoiding or choosing not to participate, we hinder our personal development and opportunities for blessings.

God utilizes circumstances for character development, even if they appear frightening or dreadful at first, rest assured they are intended for your fulfillment in Christ Jesus. So, how do we implement courage? It is simple, TRUST GOD and leap!


Lord, as I am faced with a nagging angst in my heart – I GIVE YOU THIS FEAR. I surrender my foolish heart and trust You fully to be with me all the way – not just when it fits my agenda but walking with You day in and out. Help me face my fears head-on with courage and boldness. Please replace my angst with child-like ANTICIPATION.

I pray this in the name of JESUS CHRIST!

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