Activate your Love!

By Koa Sinag

Activate your Love!

Romans 12:9

 9 Love is to be sincere and active [the real thing—without guile and hypocrisy]. Hate what is evil [detest all ungodliness, do not tolerate wickedness]; hold on tightly to what is good.

Would it be fair to say that just because someone calls a dog a cat – that person is right or they need help? In HELP I only mean – if everyone as a group has decide that this animal is a dog – it is not defying or belittling someone when correction is given – it is ONLY SO that when conversing that we as a group of people can understand each other without bickering and engaging in fickle arguments.

With how people’s mindsets are today, you never know what is real. You can insult someone so bad by not knowing their sense of reality. It is a mine field of emotions and fickle lucidity that is plaguing our communities. Where and when will we stop this madness? How can one even send your child out into this messed up – turned around world?

I already know but you might not like it… Is your reality what you think it is; the FULL TRUTH or are they basically rainbow snowflake fantasies of grandeur?

Example: You have the full right to be a criminal as well. It’s your choice to do so but as we are living in a society which has rules of “NORMAL FUNCTIONS” and set laws to upkeep peace and justice; guess what – when caught you will go to jail. So, why is this so imperative to understand – just because you do not want to conform and set aside your rebellious nature – anarchistic thinking; do you think for a second that those who have found the TRUTH must believe in your lies. How can they let go of reason…

What’s your understanding of life based on, certainty or is your concept of reality a little bit twisted and laundered to fit your own sins? Have you allowed others to shape your thinking and made you throw all logic to the pigs. I really hope not, but if you did it is never too late. Love is the bases of all good things. Every good deed is LOVE. Love feeds and activates THE TRUTH! Without LOVE you are nothing more than trumpet without sound.

So how do we activate LOVE? We start with the truth? Plainly said > JESUS CHRIST! The simple truth is this – We are FREE because of the massive sacrifice God’s son Jesus Christ has made so YOU can be a Kingdom Seeker! His immense LOVE for you does not want to see your SOUL perish. It is not my job to make you believe, it is my duty to stand against the injustice of truth.

Think About it: You are so GREAT and an absolute original; do not conform to the thinking of this wicked world. God the Father has so many amazing plans for you and your bright future, but this “wave” thinking must go. You need to grasp the TRUTH > God is the only thing which is real! If you do not have Him – you are lost! Without LOVE, you will search and open doors which should never have been opened. YOU ARE LOVED! Let us ACTIVATE LOVE by loving the TRUTH = Jesus Christ!

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